Philippe Tixier





Modelling in agro-ecology 

I am an ecologist / agronomist who uses empirical and modelling methods to study questions at the interface of population, community, agro-ecosystem ecology and farms' performances. I primarily work in tropical cropping systems, but I also study interactions and processes that link natural and agricultural systems. I believe that integration is the strength of agronomy and ecology, because of that belief, much of my work has been and will continue to use models as collaborative tools. I try to draw from diverse disciplines to answer both applied and basic research questions. I developed the SIMBA model (see details). I actually focus on food web and spatial ecology with my colleagues: Dominique Carval, Mathieu Coulis, Luc de Lapeyre de Bellaire.

I joined the CIRAD research team related to banana, plantain and pineapple in 2005. I now have several ongoing projects in French West Indies and agro-ecosystems across African and Latin America. After working in Costa Rica in CATIE, in the Agroforestry Systems with Perennial Crops Team, I am currently in Montpellier, France.


HDR -  Modelling agroecosystems, from soil-plant to food webs simulation, 2011, University of Montpellier 2, Doctoral school SIBAGHE


Research topics


Unité de recherche Fonctionnement écologique et gestion durable des agrosystèmes bananiers et ananas (GECO)




Student supervision

PhD Thesis of Alexis Delaplace (Presta'SCIC): Étude multi-échelle de la dynamique de population et du niveau d’infestation du charançon noir du bananier en fonction du contexte paysager en Martinique  (2021-2023) (co-supervized with Mathieu Coulis) 

PhD Thesis of Lucile Delatouche : Etude de la dynamique paysagère de Pseudocercospora fijiensis en Martinique : détermination des leviers territoriaux pour une gestion durable (2019-2022) (co-directed with Luc de Lapeyre de Bellaire)


Former Ph.D. students 


PhD Thesis of Cesar Guillen Sanchez (Corbana): The role of banana weevil Cosmopolites sordidus in the epidemiology of the Panama disease Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense race 1 (2016-2020) (co-directed with Luc de Lapeyre de Bellaire)

PhD Thesis of Paul Tresson: Quantification de la régulation des ravageurs par les prédateurs généralistes par l'utilisation d'analyse de séquences d'images pour déterminer et quantifier les réseaux d'interactions, cas du charançon du bananier Cosmopolites  sordidus (2018-2021) (co-directed with William Puech)

PhD Thesis of Charlotte Poeydebat: Régulations écologiques d’un complexe de bio-agresseurs dans un gradient de complexité spatiale et de biodiversité, cas des systèmes de culture bananiers  (2014-2016)

PhD Thesis of Levi Keesecker: The Effects Forest Patch Size and Matrix Type on Bee Communities in a Neotropical Coffee Agroforestry System (2014-2016)  (Co-directed with Nilsa Bosque-Perez)

PhD Thesis of Maxime Jacquot: Influence du paysage et des pratiques culturales sur la structure trophique des communautés et la régulation des nuisibles : cas des agroécosystèmes à base de manguiers à La Réunion  (2014-2016) (Co-directed with Jean-Philippe Deguine)

PhD Thesis of Ricardo Salazar: Modelling and design of multi-species cropping systems, case of agroforestry systems with banana (2015-2017)

PhD Thesis of Blanche Collard: Multiscale modelling of the effect of spatial organisation of plant diversity on pest regulation (2016-2018) (Co-directed with Claire Lavigne)

PhD Thesis of Fabrice Vinatier: Modelling the spatial epidemiology of banana weevil (2008-2010)  (Thesis director : Françoise Lescourret) 

PhD Thesis of Grégory Mollot: Control of Cosmopolites sordidus in food web of banana field, stable isotop and modelling approach (2009-2012) (Thesis director : Françoise Lescourret)

PhD Thesis of Elodie Dorey: Modelling yield and fruit quality of Pineapple in Réunion Island, application to cropping system design (2011-2014) 

PhD Thesis of Anicet Dassou: Effect of spatial organization of plant on the regulation of banana weevils in plantain based mixed systems  in Cameroon (2012-2014) 





Françoise lescourret (UR PSH, INRA, Avignon)

Sergine Ponsard (Laboratoire Evolution & Diversité Biologique, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)

Jean-François Martin (UMR CBGP, Montpellier) 

Goeffrey Caron-Lormier (University Of Nottingham)

David Bohan (UMR Agroecology, INRA Dijon) 

Patrick Quénéhervé (UMR RPB, IRD, Martinique)

Harry Ozier-Lafontaine (UR APC, INRA, Guadeloupe)

Jean-Noël Aubertot (UMR AGIR, INRA Toulouse) 

Jean-Philippe Deguine (UMR PVBMT, Réunion)

Claire Lavigne, Thomas Delattre (UR PSH, INRA, Avignon) 

Anicet Dassou (Université Nationale des Sciences, Technologies, Bénin)

Ricardo Salazar-Diaz (TEC Costa Rica)






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