Dominique Carval


Research activity

I work on the pest of bananas and plantains. My main actual focus is the study of the arthropod communities and their relationships between the vegetal diversity in tropical agroecosystems. However, I try to work on the different biological agents of these agroecosytems and used modelling tools to integreate ecological processes observed in the field to improve my understanding of ecosystem functionning.I recently start to developp a methodology based on computer vision to study arthropod communities (PredaTV project) 

Research topics

- Agroecology 

- Pest management 

- Ant community in tropical agroecosystems

- Computer vision 

- Ecological modelling

- Food web ecology

PhD student supervision

PhD Thesis of Charlotte Poeydebat: Régulations écologiques d’un complexe de bio-agresseurs dans un gradient de complexité spatiale et de biodiversité, cas des systèmes de culture bananiers  (2014-2016) (Co-supervised with Philippe Tixier and Luc de Lapeyre de Bellaire)

PhD Thesis of Blanche Collard: Multiscale modelling of the effect of spatial organisation of plant diversity on pest regulation (2016-2018) (Co-supervised with Claire Lavigne, Thomas Delattre & Philippe Tixier) 

PhD Thesis of Paul Tresson: Quantification of pest regulation by generalist predators by analysis of image sequence to determiner and quantify network of interactions, case of the bananaweevil (2018-2020) (Co-supervised with William Puech (LIRMM)&  Philippe Tixier (GECO)  



Persyst, CIRAD

TA B-26 / PS4
Boulevard de la Lironde
34398 Montpellier Cedex 5

+33 4 67 61 65 44

On Research Gate here


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