Pierre Bommel

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I am researcher at CIRAD, to the GREEN Research Unit, since 2001.





Modelling - Agent-Based Models - Participatory Modelling.

I am in charge of the CORMAS plateform.

Cormas is dedicated to ABM for renewable resources. See


I am member of the ComMod network (Companion Modelling :

I am member of the Participatory Modeling network ( from Sesync)    


My CV 

in PDF : français  , english undefinedspanish  - On line in portugues: LATTES 

Education and training activities

  • Teaching of training sessions entitled: 

MISSABMS : Multi-platform International Summer School on Agent-Based Modelling & Simulation for Renewable Resources Management.

   International Training course: Halle (Allemagne), Pretoria (Afrique du Sud), São Paulo & Brasília (Brésil), Alexandria (Égypte), Wageningen (Hollande), and many more in France, Montpellier, see  

 Some teaching in Latine América, see the web page in portugues , and the web page in Spanish undefined.

See the full list of ABM trainings

  • Supervision of PhD students and trainees 


Areas of geographical intervention

Brazil - Colombia - Bolivia - Uruguay - Argentina - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - Salvador - Guatemala - République Dominicaine

Participation in Projects


See the publications page.


  • UCR - Faculdad de Ciencias Agroalimentarias - CIEDA.
    San Pedro de Montes de Oca
    San José, Costa Rica


  • Cell phone : +506 8317 4750
  • Adresse mail : pierre.bommel (at)


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