Denis Gautier




Discipline and activities



Detailed job description and administrative responsibilities

Senior scientist, hired by CIRAD in 1999, working within a research unit focused on the goods and services provided by tropical dryland ecosystems

Currently: Regional Director for the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Balkan countries and representative for INRAE, IAVFF/Agreenium and MUSE

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Field of competences and area of expertise

Denis Gautier is a geographer with interests in the governance and management of natural and renewable resources in tropical dryland areas. Trained as an agronomist (SupAGro Montpellier), specialized in tropical forestry (ENGREF), he holds a PhD (Université d’Avignon) and a “habilitation à diriger des recherches” (Université de Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne) in geography.

Experience in researching

His research interests are the geographical analysis of natural resource management and practices, with a focus on the the rights of access to and use of natural resources and on territorialisation processes, and on the links between ecosystem resilience and the vulnerability of tree products-dependent people, with an emphasis on gender and intersectionnality issues.

Geographic areas of intervention

Drylands; Africa; Sudano-sahelian area; Bamiléké country

Teaching and training activities

Participation in projects and expertise

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