Cyril Piou


Here are some of my productions. The files are not stored on CIRAD servers, so if you realize a link is broken, please email me.


In R and/or C++ related to publications:


Cite as: Piou, C., U. Berger, and V. Grimm. 2009. Proposing an information criterion for individual-based models developed in a pattern-oriented modelling framework. Ecological Modelling 220:1957-1967.


IBASAM or on Github/Ibasam

Cite as: Piou, C. and E. Prévost. A demo-genetic individual-based model for Atlantic salmon populations: Model structure, parameterization and sensitivity. Ecological Modelling 231:37-52.


And Netlogo models:

ALMMAS developped with Pierre-Emmanuel Gay.

Cite as: Gay, P.-E., M. Lecoq, and C. Piou. 2018. Improving preventive locust management: insights from a multi-agent model. Pest Management Science 74:46-58.


AZOI a reimplementation of the ZOI model of Weiner et al 2001.


BOOSTIT developped by Esther Gnilane Diouf under my supervision.

Cite as:  Diouf, E. G., T. Brévault, S. Ndiaye, E. Faye, A. Chailleux, P. Diatta, and C. Piou. 2022. An agent-based model to simulate the boosted Sterile Insect Technique for fruit fly management. Ecological Modelling 468:109951.


MUTUAL AID developped with Etienne Delay.

Cite as:  Delay, E., and C. Piou. 2019. Mutual aid: When does resource scarcity favour group cooperation? Ecological Complexity 40:100790.



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