Tristan Le Cotty

  Economist at Cirad 




UMR Cired

TA C-56/15

73 rue Jean-François Breton

34398 Montpellier Cedex 5


+33 4 67 61 59 92


Research and expertise 


Farmers’ food security in Africa

Time inconsistency and food security

Storage, inventory credit

Price volatility

Climate insurance




Le Cotty T., E. Maître d’Hôtel, R. Soubeyran and J. Subervie, 2019. Inventory Credit as a Commitment Device to Save Grain until the Hunger Season. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 101(4): 1115–1139.


Maître d'Hôtel E., Le Cotty T., 2018. Why does on-farm storage fail to mitigate price volatility?. Agricultural Economics, 49 (1) : p. 71-82.


Le Cotty T., Maitre D'Hotel E., Soubeyran R., Subervie J.. 2018. Linking risk aversion, time preference and fertiliser use in  Burkina Faso. Journal of Development Studies, 54 (11) : p. 1991-2006.


Le Cotty T., Maitre D'Hotel E., Ndiaye M.. 2017. Transport costs and food price volatility in Africa. Journal of African Economies, 26 (5) : p. 625-654.


Maître d'Hôtel E., Le Cotty T., 2014. Do mental models influence economic outcomes? Evidence from agricultural policy negotiation in Costa Rica. Economie et Institutions (20-21) : p. 145-168.


Maître d'Hôtel Elodie, Le Cotty Tristan, Jayne Thom. 2013. Trade policy inconsistency and maize price volatility: An ARCH  approach in Kenya. African Development Review, 25 (4) : 607-620.


Le Cotty T. and B. Dorin, 2012. A global foresight on food crop needs for livestock. Animal, volume 6, issue 09, pp. 1528-1536.


In progress



Le Blois A., T. Le Cotty and E Maître d’Hotel, 2017. How may climate change influence farmers' demand for index-based insurance?


Le Cotty T., E. Maître d’Hôtel and J. Subervie. The impact of Inventory credit on food security in Burkina Faso.


Le Cotty T., E Maître d’Hotel, M. Ndiaye  and S Thoyer. Input use and output price risk: the case of maize in Burkina Faso


Bazié YG, T Le Cotty, E. Maître d’Hôtel, D Oula Ouattara, A Sanou. Comprendre la relation positive entre taille et productivité agricole au Burkina Faso.




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