Thierry Lefrancois

Director, Biological systems department (BIOS)



Chief Inspector of Veterinary Public Health, seconded to Cirad, I am a veterinarian with a PhD in physiopathology, I have been working for some twenty years, on the immunology, diagnosis and epidemiology of tropical infectious animal diseases. In recent years, my research activities focused on the emergence of infectious, notably vector-borne diseases, with particular emphasis on the development of interactions between research and surveillance within regional health networks in the South. Through my recent positions, I have been promoting an integrated and interdisciplinary approach in line with the One Health concept.

CIRAD Biological Systems Department conducts research on the living world, its characterization and its exploitation. It covers the diversity, biology and functioning of organisms and populations and the relations between them and with their environment, both under and free from anthropic pressure. The topics covered by the department's research units include plant diversity/breeding and plant and animal health, using increasingly integrated, multidisciplinary approaches.


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