Sylvaine Lemeilleur




Fields of Research 


Areas of expertise & research projects

·         Standards and their impact on smallholders in developing countries.

2014-2016: French research project ANR Agrobiosphère "MACACC": Modelling to accompany stakeholders towards adaptation of forestry and agroforestry systems to global changes.

2014-2016: International project "Measuring and Assessing Impacts of Fair Trade for All on farmers, farmworkers and the overall Fair Trade Market System" 

2013-2014:  French project AFD « Qu'attendre de la standardisation des enjeux de préservation de la biodiversité en Outre-mer ? L'exemple de la certification »

2012-2014 : French research project ANR Global Environmental Change « Prigoue » : Privatizing Global Environmental Governance? The roles of multi-stakeholders standards initiatives for global environmental change mitigation.

2010-2011: European project « Non Tariff Measures » : Analyzing the effects from non tariff measures (NTM) in the global agri-food trade. Case study in the mango supply chain in Peru.  (WP7).

2009-2011 : Priority research study INRA-CIRAD on sustainable food supplies (DuALIne).

·         Supermarkets and their impact on stakeholders in the agro-food supply chain. 

2005-2008: International project « Regoverning Markets » : Analyzing growing concentration in the processing and retail sectors of national and regional agri-food systems and its impacts and implications for rural livelihoods and communities in middle and low income countries. Case study in the fruit and vegetable supply chain in Turkey.

·         Wholesale markets and intermediaries (wholesaler, broker, coop…)

Other Activities


Reviewer for World Developement, Food Policy, International Food and Agribusiness Managment Review and Cahiers Agricultures

Teaching activities

 2013: Lecture on « Critics of Impact Evaluation Method”.


2009-2013 Seminar coordination with J. Subervie:  « Globalization and governance in supply chains »

2010-2013 Lecture on: Norms and certification mechanisms.

2010 Lecture on : Supermarkets development and their impacts on the smallholders in emerging countries



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