Pierre-Yves Le Gal






Researcher (PhD)

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My research works combines analytical studies on stakeholders' decision processes (farmers, agro-industries, irrigation scheme managers) producteurs, agro-industriels, gestionnaires de périmètres irrigués) with the design of discussion support systems to be transferred to consultants and advisers. These support systems include simulation tools addressing specific issues: redesign of mill supply management in the sugarcane industry (MAGI®, to be downloaded at - Le Gal et al., 2008 ; Lejars et al., 2008), management of irrigation schemes (WaDI - de Nys et al., 2008), redesign of feeding systems in dairy farms (Dalib - Le Gal et al., 2009 ; DairyMoTion, ongoing work), crop-livestock interactions in mixed farms (Cikεda, Clifs - ongoing works). These tools are also used with crop scientists designing innovative cropping systems, in order to evaluate ex-ante the value of technical innovations for farm types or real farms.   

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Lecturing activities

Associate Professor at Montpellier SupAgro. in charge of a 2-week session on "Quality management of agro-food supply areas"

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