Muriel Figuié

Sociologist (PhD, HDR)

Risk and society, Animall health policies, domestic and wild animals, food systems and food market chains

Cirad, Département Environnements et Sociétés

Unité Mixte de Recherche "Marchés, organisations, institutions et stratégies d'acteurs" (UMR Moisa)



Team Leader of the research group "Coordination and policies for sustainable agriculture and food” Copaad (CIRAD, INRA, SupAgro, IAMM).

Corresponding researcher in France for the research network GREASE "Management of Emerging Risks in Southeast Asia" (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines)

Member of the evaluation committee of the social scientists from the French National Institute of Agronomy (INRA)

Member of the advisory board of the research department “Environment and Society” (CIRAD) (2012-2016)


Main activities

My work focuses on health risks, how they are handled at different scales (local, national, international) and according to the logics and strategies specific to the different  stakeholders.

I work mainly on the risks related to animals (avian flu, Ebola, foot-and-mouth disease ...)

The interactions between the actors involved at these different scales are analysed based on (1)  the organisation of the food market chains for the management of sanitary quality standards and (2) the functioning of the animal health surveillance systems: Projetcs Pacman (Metaprogramme Gisa/inra), FSP GRIPAVI, ARDIGRIP (AIRD), ATP "Emergences et risques sanitaires" (Cirad). 

I  also study the evolution of the ways of building trust in food, in the context of urbanization and rapid industrialization of the food chains in developing countries (Projetcs SUSPER, M4P, ACI Distri).

Value chain analysis (farming systems, market chains, and food systems): social organisations, collective action, inclusiveness and governance

Impact analysis of animal health standards and sanitary crisis on small-scale farmers and traders

Risk governance analysis (food related risks, zoonosis, emerging infectious diseases): public perception and management of risks (consumers, livestock keepers, traders…), vulnerability and resilience, communication and trust.


Member of the pedagogic team of the Master PAGERS « Politiques de l’alimentation et gestion des risques sanitaires » de l'Ecole nationale des Services Vétérinaires.

Master courses (Univ Toulouse le Mirail, ISTHIA; MontpellierSupAgro)



Countries of experience


Cirad ES, TA C-99/ 15
73 rue Jean-François Breton
34398 Montpellier Cedex 5

Phone : (33)(0)4 67 61 75 86

sec.: (33)(0)4 67 61 55 37


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