Miguel Pedrono



Conservation Biologist


Ampandrianomby, B.P. 853

Antananarivo 101


Tel: +261 (0)32 07 235 35




University Paris-Sud (Orsay), France, Post-doctoral Research Associate.

French Institute of Pondicherry, India, Post-doctoral Research Associate.

University Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, France, Ph.D. Ecology.

University of Tours, France, M.Sc. Population Biology and Eco-ethology.



Conservation strategies, population dynamics, climate change adaptation, restoration ecology, protected area management, translocation, captive breeding, chelonians, wild cattle.

My research interests lie in the conservation of biodiversity in tropical countries. I am particularly interested in how to bridge the gap between academia and on-the-ground practice in the domain of conservation biology to improve conservation effectiveness. I try to spend time working on real-life conservation issues including efforts to save Madagascan species. My current areas of research focus on the use of megafauna translocation to prevent further species extinctions, and the assessment of how protected areas respond to climate change and how practical management options can be used to limit the resulting impacts.



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