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English: Research and projects (Michel FOK)


Research activities with particular outcomes

History of the development of cotton production in Mali

Economic history of the development of cotton/textile in the world 

Analysis of the impacts agricultural sector privatization, particular emphasis on cotton sectors in Africa

Development of an analytical framework to assess the performance of cotton sectors in connection with their organization modes 

Application of the theory of networks to appraise the dynamics of cotton sectors in Africa

Analysis of the possible strategic positions of African cotton producing countries in the framework of the WTO Doha Round negotiations

Analysis of the farmers cultivation practices in connection with their socio-economic production environment

Combined analysis of technical and institutional innovations

Study of the GM cotton impacts with regard to the conditions of its use

Study of the rules of the international transaction of cotton

Analysis of the impacts of the liberalization of the cotton exportation from Africa  


Participation to Projects

Currently involved in the following projects

Recent and current expertise works 

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