Marie Pierre Chapuis

Research Funding Acknowledgments

2021 - 2024 CIRAD-ANR PhD CO-FUNDING for C. Caumette co-supervised with K. Berthier & E. Faye «Interactions between spatio-temporal pest dynamics and agricultural landscapes' structure: at the service of integrated management deployed on a territorial scale (STATS)»

2021 - 2025 ANR PRC « Inferring pest dispersal in agricultural landscapes to improve management strategies (DISLAND)»

2020 - 2022 LABEX CEMEB - EXPLORATORY RESEARCH PROJECTS co-leaded with R. Leblois «Proof of concept in landscape genomics: from NGS data production to demographic inferences (PRO-LAG)»

2020 - 2023 CIRAD-ANSES PhD CO-FUNDING for E. Charbonnel co-supervised with D. Ouvrard «Informing flow of agricultural pests related to trade transports: validation of high-throughput molecular tools for Bactrocera dorsalis tracking (BACTRACK)»

2020 - 2021 ORTHOPTERA SPECIES FILE GRANT co-leaded with A. Cœur d'Acier «Providing OSF with range maps, images of diagnostic characters and song records for the two cryptic species discovered within Calliptamus barbarus (Costa, 1836) (CRYCAL)»

2019 - 2023 ANR-JCJC leaded by C. Piou «Phase polyphenism emergence and associated risks (PEPPER)»

2018 - 2020 PALMELIT/CIRAD leaded by J. Haran «Study of the intra-specific genetic diversity of Elaeidobius kamerrunicus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in its area of origin (EKACAM PALM)»

2018 - 2019 LABEX CEMEB - EXPLORATORY RESEARCH PROJECTS co-leaded with E. Kazakou «Exploring domestication impacts on plant-insect-bacteria interactions (DINER)»

2018 ACTION INCITATIVE CIRAD - CREATIVITE ET INNOVATION SCIENTIFIQUES «Insect Microbiome Project : optimizing and standardizing bacterial metabarcoding methods for the study of insects, serving animal and plant health (IMP)»

2017 - 2021 ANR-PRC leaded by P. Gibert «Worldwide invasion of the spotted wing Drosophila: genetics, plasticity and evolutionary potential (SWING)»

2014 - 2020 FEDER REUNION leaded by B. Reynaud «Epidemio-monitoring and biocontrol in the South-West Indian Ocean (EpiBio-OI)»

2014 - 2015 ORTHOPTERA SPECIES FILE GRANT «An integrative taxonomic revision for the Calliptamus genus»

2011 - 2014 PROGRAMME EMPRES DE RECHERCHE OPERATIONNELLE SUR LE CRIQUET PELERIN EN REGION OCCIDENTALE leaded by M. Lecoq «Thème de recherche 8 - Dynamique des populations - et Mission 2.3. - Développer une approche de biologie moléculaire du criquet pèlerin»

2007 - 2009 ARC LINKAGE PROJECT GRANT leaded by G. Sword «Australian plague locust population genetics and migratory behaviour»

Research Funding Rejections

Inspired from Melanie Stefan on the benefits of embracing and sharing failures, here are the research grant proposals in which I have been significantly involved and that were rejected:

2019 AI CIRAD - DOCTORANT DU NORD & BOURSE DE THESE INRA co-leaded with B. Facon «Characterizing microbiota of an invasive phytophagous insect and use for its management: the case of the oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis »

2019 ANR-PRC «Inferring pest dispersal in agricultural landscapes to improve management strategies» (pre-proposal)

2018 MUSE - PROGRAMME DE SOUTIEN A LA RECHERCHE «Improving agro-ecological management of invasive plant pests by combining modeling, society and environmental science: the case of the invasive fly, Bactrocera dorsalis» (letter of intent)

2015 ANR JCJC co-leaded by H. Jourdan «Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of phase polyphenism in the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria» (full proposal)

2015 NSF-PIRE leaded by A.V. Latchininsky «Know your ancient agricultural enemy : novel and integrative approaches to prevent locust outbreaks in Central Asia and Russia» (full proposal)

2014 AGROPOLIS FONDATION (OPEN SCIENCE) «Metabarcoding serving agricultural biological control : a case study from unicellular organismes of the locust gut (MSA)»

2014 PARTENARIAT HUBERT CURIEN PROTEA (Campus France) co-leaded with J. Terblanche «Comparative genetics and physiology of phase polyphenisms in destructive agricultural pest insects»

2013 ERAFRICA Interfacing Challenges leaded by U. Berger «Food security in the context of climate change: mitigation and adaptation strategies for pest management»

2012 AGROPOLIS FONDATION (Open Science) «Heat shock proteins and elication of locust swarming phase (HELP)»  

2012 PARTENARIAT HUBERT CURIEN PROTEA (Campus France) co-leaded with J. Terblanche «Impacts of climate change on desert locust ecology, physiology and evolution»

2010 & 2011 NSF BREAD leaded by G.A. Sword «Local approaches to large-scale preventative locust management» (full proposals)


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