Marc Lacape

Jean-Marc Lacape


Disciplin et activities



Detailed function and administrative responsibilities

Coordinator/investigator of research projects in coton molecular genetics (Research group "Génome et Sélection" within research Unit AGAP,

Scientific mediator in the Unit for research activities and projects related to integrative approaches in plant breeding

Co-animator of project CultiVar "a flagship project for training in Plant Breeding"


Genetics and cotton breeding, genetic resources

- development of applied breeding programmes

- use of marker-asssisted selection

- use of molecular markers for the study of genetic resources

- genomics (transcriptome) and genetics dissection of (i) cotton fiber quality, (ii) response to abiotic (drought) stresses

Geographic area

The research programmes in molecular genetics are conducted in close link with overseas cotton research projects of CIRAD in partnership on different continents, in Africa (Cameroon) or in South America (Brazil)


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