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Magalie is trained in Political Science with a MSocSci from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (DEA sociologie politique, 2001) and a PhD from both SciencesPo Paris, France (PhD Political Science, 2007) and the Radboud Universiteit-Nijmegen, The Netherlands (PhD Management Science, 2007). Her doctoral thesis adopted a public policy instrumentation approach to study public programmes dealing with non-point source pollution coming from agriculture: "Politiques de reconquête de la qualité de l’eau face aux pollutions agricoles : changement et stabilité dans les arrangements institutionnels en Côtes-d’Armor et dans le Noord-Brabant" (Silver Medal Award, Académie d'Agriculture de France, 2009; qualifiée au CNU, section 04 et section 19). In the past, she has been Visiting Researcher in the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2005-2006) and Visiting Scholar in Elinor Ostrom's seminar on Political theory and Policy Analysis, University of Indiana-Bloomington (Fall semester 2006). Before joining CIRAD in 2009, Magalie completed a Post-Doc at the French Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). Based at the Centre Alexandre Koyré-Paris, she worked on the socio-technical construction of indicators to assess the ecological status of water bodies within the European Water Framework Directive.   

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Professional Membership and Responsibilities

International Political Science Association (IPSA, RC 11 Science and Politics); Association Française de Science Politique (AFSP); European Sociological Association (ESA, RN 12 Environment and Society)

Co-leader (with Ward Anseeuw) of the DP PP&G (Dispositif de Recherche et d'enseignement en partenariat -Public Policy & Governance in Southern Africa); member of CAP (Controversy and Public Policy) and OGEA (Outils et Gouvernance de l'Eau et de l'Assainissement) teams within UMR G-EAU 

Contact and Postal Address 

Department of agricultural economics and rural development - University of Pretoria

Private Bag x 20 - Hatfield 0028 Pretoria, South Africa

Phone :+27 (0)12 4205228

Fax :+ 27 (0)12 420 4958

Email : magalie.bourblanc[at]



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