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Cel.: +55 (19) 99130-9658

Address: Universidade de São Paulo - ESALQ 

       Departamento de Ciências Florestais

       Av. Pádua Dias, 11 - Cx. Postal 9 - Piracicaba - SP

                       CEP 13418-900





Cirad is the French agricultural research and international cooperation organization working for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions




My research spans forest ecophysiology and functional ecology, with the aim of improving our understanding of tree functioning and biogeochemical cycling in forest ecosystems, especially in the way they respond to climate change.
To this aim, I use a variety of data sources (including leaf-level physiological measurements, Eddy-covariance towers, forest inventories and satellite-derived imagery) in combination with statistical and ecophysiological process-based models.

I am currently mainly involved in two research topics.  

Tropical forest restoration

Ecophysiology of tropical tree species used in restoration project. Dynamic of restored planted forests and influence of management. Mechanisms underlying tree resistance to drought. Biological mechanisms underlying biodiversity‐ecosystem functioning relationship in forest ecosystems. Scientific bases for tropical forest restoration and silviculture guidelines. 


Sustainable management of fast-growing tropical tree plantations

Long-term monitoring of carbon, water and energy cycling in Eucalypt fast-growing plantations. Provide scientific bases to reduce the environmental impacts and sustain productivity of plantations in the context of climate change. 




PhD in Plant Ecophysiology , Ecology, Systematic and Evolution LaboratoryUniversity of Paris-Sud, CNRS and AgroParisTech, Orsay,  France. Supervisors : Dr. Eric Dufrêne et Dr. Nicolas Delpierre.



Master of science in Ecology and Modelling from University of Paris-Sud, ENS, MNHN and AgroParisTech, Paris, France.

Engineer’s degree (M.Sc.) in Forest Science from AgroParisTech-ENGREF, Nancy, France. 



Researcher profile: Google ScholarResearchGate 



Peer-reviewed articles


Guillemot J., Kunz M., Schnabel F., Fichtner A., Madsen CP., Gebauer T., Härtle W., von Oheimb G., Potvin C., Neighbourhood-mediated shifts in tree biomass allocation drive overyielding in tropical species mixtures, New Phytologist, 2020. 


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le Maire G., Guillemot J.,Campoe O.C., Stape J-L., Laclau J-P., Nouvellon Y., Light absorption, light use efficiency and productivity of 16 contrasted genotypes of several Eucalyptus species along a 6-year rotation in Brazil, Forest Ecology and Management, 2019.


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Bordron B.,  Robin A., Oliveira I.R., Guillemot J., Laclau J.P., Jourdan C., Nouvellon Y., Abreu-Junior C.H., Trivelin P.C.O., Gonçalves J.L.M., Plassard C., Bouillet J.P., Fertilization increases the functional specialization of fine roots in deep soil layers for young Eucalyptus grandis treesForest Ecology and Management2019.


Guillemot J.,  le Maire G., Munishamappa M., Charbonnier F., Philippe V., Native coffee agroforestry in the Western Ghats of India maintains higher carbon storage and tree diversity compared to exotic agroforestryAgriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 2018.  



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Guillemot J., Francois C., Hmimina G., Dufrêne E., Martin-StPaul N.K., Soudani K., Marie G., Ourcival J.M., Delpierre N., Environmental control of carbon allocation matters for modelling forest growthNew Phytologist2017.

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Guillemot J., Martin-StPaul N.K., Dufrêne E., François C., Soudani K., Ourcival J.-M., Delpierre N., The dynamic of annual carbon allocation to wood in European forests is consistent with a combined source-sink limitation of growth: implications for modelling. Biogeosciences2015.

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Book chapter 

Guillemot J., Ravelona M., Montagne P., Payments for Environmental Services and improvement of the agricultural practices: the case of the slash and burn agriculture in Eastern Madagascar (tavy) [in French]. In Kajiala, Tattali, Djekabaara : valoriser les produits pour mieux conserver les forêts. Madagascar. Edition: CITE, 2012, pp.123-142.


PhD thesis

Guillemot J., Productivity and carbon allocation in European forests : a process-based modelling approach. University of Paris-Sud, 2016



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