Jean-Christophe Glaszmann

Jean Christophe Glaszmann is researcher at Cirad, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, in Montpellier.


Born in 1957, he entered Cirad in 1979 for preparing his PhD with INAPG.

Initially trained in plant breeding and ecological genetics, he conducted research on the assessment and use of genetic diversity in diverse crops such as rice, sugarcane, sorghum or banana. His major impacts were obtained with a deep revision of the classification of rice varieties that influenced all the breeding programs at IRRI and with the characterization of the sugarcane genome in comparison with other grasses, which opened the field of sugarcane genetics.

After five years at the International Rice Research Institute (1982-1987) he returned to Montpellier and occupied various responsibilities. He obtained his HDR in 1993.

He has been in the Board of Directors at Cirad in charge of the Biological Systems (Bios) Department (2007-2010) and lately director of AGAP, a major joint research unit ( in Montpellier, focussed on tropical and Mediterranean plant genetic improvement and crop adaptation (2010-2014). He also led the Sub-Programme on crop genetic diversity of the CGIAR Generation challenge programme from 2004 to 2010.

In 2008 he received the Top Award (Prix Jean Dufrenoy) of the French Academy of Agriculture.


Current position

He is now geneticist in AGAP in the DDSE team focussed on "Diversity Dynamics, Societies and Environments".

His current area of research is the use of phylogeographic approaches for assessing genetic diversity in crop germplasm in relation to human populations and crop adaptation.

He is also member of the Genebank Advisory Board member at the IPK Gatersleben Leibniz Institute and member of the Independent Steering Committee of the Roots, Tubers and Bananas CGIAR research programme.



Cirad, AGAP, TA A-108 / 03, Avenue Agropolis, 34398 Montpellier Cedex 5, France 

Téléphone : +33 4 67 61 59 22      Télécopie : +33 4 67 61 56 05 email:


Scientific production (links)



Recent publications

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Ahmadi N., Bertrand B., Glaszmann J.C. (2013) Repenser l'amélioration des plantes / Rethinking plant breeding. In : Hainzelin (Ed), Cultiver la biodiversité pour transformer l'agriculture. Versailles : Ed. Quae, p. 99-146. (Synthèses) / Cultivating biodiversity to transform agriculture. Heidelberg : E. Springer [Allemagne], p. 91-140.

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