Key qualifications

  • farming systems analisis
  • Strengthening of producers' organizations : organizational diagnosis, producers' insertion in supply chains
  • Participatory farm management : agricultural advisory methods, relationship adviser-producer, advisory services (governance, financing)
  • Innovation processes and innovation system
  • Participatory research and action-research
  • Research fields

    My research works deal with decision-making processes at farm level and family level, the methods and tools to train and assist farmers in their decision making process, the transformation of advisory services (governance and funding), the coordination mechanisms between producers inside their producers organizations and with downstream stakeholders inside the value chain, and the analysis of and support to multistakeholders innovation processes. These researchs are based on in-depth case studies in Western Africa and Central America. These researchs are usually based on an action-research methodology.

    Profesional experiences

    Consultiing missions : specific studies, project design, project evaluation

    Clients : World Bank, Interamerican Bank of Development, European Union, French Development Agency, Minister of Foreign Affairs

    Geographical experiences


    Western Africa, Central African, Madagascar, Central America

    savanah zone de savanes, Humid tropic zone


    Short term assignements :

    Africa : Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Centralafrica, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Madagascar, Nigeria, Chad, Senegal

    Latin America : Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru

    Teaching activities


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