Frédéric FEDER



Frédéric Feder (PhD, HDR)

born 26 September 1972 in Nancy, France.


June 2002

Haüy-Lacroix 2002 prize awarded by the Société française de minéralogie et de cristallographie (SFMC) for my Doctoral thesis.


I'm in the internal research unit “Recycling and Risk” of the PERSYST department. 

From september 2001 to october 2011, I was assigned to CIRAD in Réunion (Saint-Denis). Since november 2011, I have been assigned to international laboratory IE SOL (Dakar, Sénégal).

University training



Doctoral thesis entitled “Dynamique des processus d’oxydoréduction dans les sols hydromorphes. Monitoring in situ de la solution du sol et des phases solides ferrifères.“ [Dynamic of Oxidation-Reduction Processes in Hydromorphic Soils. In Situ Monitoring of Soil Solution and Ferriferous Solid Phases.] Funding from the Ministère de l’Éducation nationale et de la Recherche. Conducted at the inra soil science laboratory in Rennes and the inra soil and water geochemistry research unit in Aix-en-Provence. Supervision: G. Bourrié and F. Trolard.


Master’s 2 in soil science, cum laude, Rennes, France. Degree co-sponsored by ensar, ina-pg, ensam and université Poincaré (Nancy).


Degree in “dynamic of water and remote sensing granted by Cned, Rennes, and the costel laboratory, cum laude. Military service at École supérieur du génie, Angers.


Undergraduate and master’s degrees in Earth sciences (cum laude). Université de Rennes I.


BSc “science and structure of matter.” Université de Rennes I.



 Since 2012 Master’s soil science course at the Dakar Université (Sénégal) : master Gedah, master Afeca and master Biovem (university Check Anta Diop, Dakar).
 2002 – 2009  Master’s soil science course at the Université de la Réunion.
1999 – 2000 

 Assistantship in geology (mapping) at the Université catholique de l’Ouest, Guingamp (supervisor: L. Dabouineau).


Internships and field experience (to 2000)

February and march


Experiments in Amazonia (Jaú national park) on soil and water geochemistry in conjunction with embrapa and ird. Supervisor: E. Fritsch (ird).



Master’s 2 internship entitled “Suivi en continu de la dynamique de la solution du sol dans les sols hydromorphes. Les équilibres rédox et les conditions de stabilité des rouilles vertes dans le milieu naturel.” [Continuous Monitoring of the Dynamic of the Soil Solution in Hydromorphic Soils. Redox Balances and Green Rusts in the Natural Environment.] Conducted at the inra soil science laboratory, Rennes.

July–August 1995

Mapping and geological study of the island of Jersey (116 km2) for a master’s degree.

June 1995

Internship in sedimentary dynamics, Morocco.


Numerous internships in sedimentology, magmatology, structural geology, paleontology and pedology in Brittany, Normandy and Hérault.

Computing skills

Use of programming languages (pascal, c, basic, r, LaTeX and html), modelling tools (PhreeqC, Hydrus, HP1, equilT) and software (r, processing, spatial analysis and statistics, gis, dbms, etc.). Knowledge of Windows and Linux systems.

Other activities

Vice-President of afes (Association française pour l’étude du sol) and elected member of the Board of Directors (2001–2004 and 2004–2007).

Editor of AFES's quartely letter.

Recreation: tennis, handball (referee), chess, typography.


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