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The main objective of my research work is to quantify and limit the risk of soil and and water pollution from the re-use of organic matter (liquid manure, compost, sewage sludge, etc.) in agriculture.

The approach taken is on a variety of scales and consists of:

(i) in the laboratory: in soil columns, ongoing monitoring, under perfectly controlled conditions, of water and solute fluxes after organic waste inputs;

(ii) on the experimental plot: consideration of the specific behaviour of pollutants in soils and their interactions within the larger biogeochemical cycles;

(iii) at the regional level: characterization, mapping and ranking of soil properties that influence the transfer of potentially polluting elements from soil to watertables.

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Main context

From 2001 to 2011. The main context is the island of Réunion, a young volcanic island in the tropics, with marked relief and, within a small area, a very wide variety of soils (andosols, podzols, nitisols, phaeozems, umbrisols, vertisols, etc.), climates (average annual precipitation ranging from 500 to 10,000 mm) and crops (sugarcane, market gardening, etc.). The re-use in agriculture of organic waste derived from agriculture (liquid manure, compost…), agro-industrial processes (vinasse from rum distilleries) or cities (sewage sludge) is a major issue—essentially an environmental issue, but also a socioeconomic one. Rapid population growth over the next twenty years will tend to promote urbanization, to the detriment of agricultural land.


Area of expertise

Teaching and training activities

Master's courses: M1 and M2 GEDAH ("Gestion durable des agro-écosystèmes horticoles", coordinator Karamoko Diarra), AFECA ("Agroforesterie, Ecologie et Adaptation", coordinator Léonard Elie AKPO) and BIOVEM ("Biotechnologies Végétales et Microbiennes", coordinator Ibrahima NDOYE) at UCAD (université Cheick Anta Diop of Dakar). Undergraduate soil science courses and master's courses in plant chemistry and biology in the tropical environment at the Université de la Réunion.

Thesis training and participation in thesis advisory committees (R. Hodomihou, S. Legros, N. Payet, N. Pautremat, T. Randrianantoandro...).

Reception and supervision of trainees and VCATs: agronomy schools, research and professional Master's in "soil/aquifer transfer" (Avignon), in soil science, in environmental impact studies, in "environment, technology and society", etc.

Project setup and participation

Discipline and activities

Geographic Zones of intervention

Réunion Island, Indian Ocean

West Africa 

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Frédéric FEDER
CIRAD, UPR « recyclage et risque »
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