Fabrice Bénédet


ES - Forests and Societies  TA C-105 / D
Campus international de Baillarguet
34398 Montpellier Cedex 5




IT (a sélection)

» Analysis and design: UML, Merise.
» Database management systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL+Postgis, SQLServer, Access, etc.
» Languages: Java, Perl, PHP, XHTML, XML, XSLT, SQL, ActionScript, JavaScript.
» Software: MSOffice, LibreOffice, Adobe® Web Prenium, Gimp, PowerAMC, NetBean, Lazarus, MapServer, R, LaTEX, etc.
» CMS: eZpublish, SPIP.
» E-learning platforms: Ganesha, WBTManager.
» Servers: Apache, Tomcat, Thredds, INN, PWS.
» Systems: Mac or PC (Windows, Linux).


» Design, implementation and management of information systems (IS, Web sites and portals).
» Creation of on-line training courses (software, software packages) and educational multimedia animations.
» Participation in creating CD-ROMs for the IUFM institute.
» Supervision and running of IT workshops.
» Assisting researchers and teachers in defining their multimedia projects.
» Photography (macro); vidéo.

Biology scientific research

» Drawing-up and implementing multidisciplinary biology projects.
» Working with teams from different fields of biology.
» Choice and development of experimental techniques.
» Implementation of experimental methods and protocols (laboratory and field).

Supervision and training

» Biology researchers and technicians.
» IT and Multimedia researchers, teachers, engineers, trainees, students.
» Development of an e-learning platform and of multimedia teaching aids.


» Coordination of teams for website implementation.
» Dissemination of results (reports, publications in international scientific journals with an editing comitee, conferences).
» Scientific english (article drafting, technological and bibliographical watch).


Professional experience

Since 12/01/2009 - CIRAD - IT engineer

As a member of research unit No. 105, "Forest and Societies", I am more specifically involved in the following activities:
» Creating information systems and improving the unit's databases.
» Designing and developing websites.
» Improving the quality of the processes inherent to data management.
» Training and supervision.

08/01/2007 to 30/09/2008 - IRD (Joint research unit 212 "Exploited Marine Ecosystems") - IT engineer

Development of an information system (Web/database/statistics representation and processing tools) for the provision of ocean environmental data and data on the distribution of marine predators (discrete observations, model outputs, satellite images) intended for scientists.
» Interactions with project scientists and with the Information Technology Service.
» State-of-the-Art.
» Definition and implementation of the technical and operational architecture (n-tier client/server architecture using Java servlets, postgreSQL + PostGis, MapServeur, Thredds server, R Softaware).
» Development of the IS with a colleague.
» Drafting of specifications for service providers.
» Drafting of the IRD "SPIRALES" call for projects.

15/10/2006 to 15/12/2006 - IRD (Joint research unit188 "DIAPC") - Bioinformatician

Analysis and design of a Web portal dedicated to coffee tree genomics (postgreSQL, XML, RDF, PHP):
» State-of-theArt.
» Drafting of specifications.
» Development of a prototype.

01/09/2005 to 01/03/2006 - Manpower for CIRAD - Scientific IT specialist

Assigned to the Scientfic and International Exchanges Service. I was responsible for project management and development for the new Internet, Intranet et Extranet sites:
» Analysis of the in-house context and user requirements.
» Site design and specification drafting.
» Graphic and technical development.
» Content drafting.
» Tests and implementation.
» Relations with the teams.
» Training.

01/09/2004 to 01/01/2005 - CIRAD (Web architecture and services unit) - Web project leader

Participation in implementing and using a Web content management tool (eZpublish open-source CMS):
» Familiarization with and development of extensions for the tool.
» CDesigning, implementing and managing the deployment of "pilot sites" with the backing of a specific team (communication manager, graphic artist, webmaster, programmer).
» Defining methods making multimedia production easy and reliable.
» Supervision of the introduction od deployment procedures at inter-team level.
» Drafting of documentation and training provided for staff users.

01/10/2003 au 01/08/2004 - CIRAD (Multimedia unit)- Project leader and Web developer

My main job was to design and produce multimedia products:
» Analysing the requirements of the research teams (information to be managed, product architecture, ergonomics).
» Designing websites.
» Taking charge of the implementation phases (in charg of team comprising a graphic artist, a developer, acommunication specialist and myself), of monitoring tests for production launches, managing feedback.
» Training and documentation drafting.

01/06/2003 to 01/09/2003 - Cogitis -Trainee IT technician

Experience in the field of e-learning. Following a study on the main e-learning platforms available on the market (commercial/open-sources) I identified, selected (comparative analysis) and set in plcae an open-source e-learning platform (Ganesha).

01/11/1999 to 01/09/2001 - CERTEM - IUFM institute- NICT instructor

Instructor in educational new information and communication technologies with the multimedia unit at the IUFM institute in Paris.
» Identification of needs in pilot schools.
» IT training provided for different users à IUFM.
» Assistance in the shools, support for teachers.
» Computer maintenance.
» Production of educational tools: websites, CD-ROMs

01/09/1994 to 01/07/1999 - Research institute (IRBI France, IRD Congo) - Researcher-PhD student and development worker in Biology

My research work was undertaken in the general context of chemical interactions existing in plant pest/beneficial insect systems during the phases of host seeking and "acceptance" by their natural enemies. The chemical signals involved in such interactions, namely from their origin (at host-pest level) with their perception, up to their behavioural expression (at beneficial insect level) were identified and characterized taking a multidisciplinary approach.
» Collaboration with teams from several disciplines.
» Choice and development of experimental techniques.
» Establishment and implementation of experimental methods and protocols (laboratory and field).
» Carrying out of experiments using numerous molecular biology, biochemistry, electrophysiology, microscopy and behavioural techniques.
» Dissemination of results through written documents (publications in English in international journals with an editing committee), posters and papers (national and international conferences).
» Supervising the work of molecular biologists.


2003: Advanced Scientific Diploma (DESS) in IT Applied to Organizations (University of Montpellier II - Montpellier). Systems & Networks, programming languages, IS and databases, IHM, multimedia, etc.

1999: PhD in Life Sciences, specialization: biology of populations and entomology (François Rabelais University - Tours)

1994: Advanced Diploma (DEA) in the biology of populations and eco-ethology (François Rabelais University - Tours)

IT and Multimedia achievements


» Plechakova, O., Tranchant-Dubreuil, C., Bénédet, F., Couderc, M., Tinaut, A., Viader, V., De Block, P., Hamon, P., Campa, C., De Kochko, A., Hamon, S., Poncet, V. 2009. BMC Plant Biology

Applications & Websites (a selection)

» Information systems for the Forests and Societies unit and projects (ongoing), author.
» Data purification and gathering system for the EcoFog joint research unit, author.
» Système d’information pour ANR Remige, co-auteur.
» Web integration portal (prototype) for IRD, author.
» Websites for CIRAD, author and co-author.
» Content management platform (eZpublish CMS): took part in its production for CIRAD, co author.
» Two websites during the DESS studies, co-author.
» "Ganesha" e-learning platform, author.
» Sites meeting the needs of schools and of the IUFM institute (HTML), author.
» Two websites as a freelancer, author.
» CD-ROM for the IUFM institute in Paris, co-author.


» IRD "Spirales" project in 2007 and 2008 in support of Information Service Management for scientific IT research operations, co-author and author.

Reports (a selection)

» "Database and software for visualization of global indicators", (Cirad) - author.
"Construction of graphic interfaces: example of the inventory data purification software ", (CIRAD) - author.
» "Construction of graphic interfaces: example of the inventory data input software for pocket pc", (CIRAD) - co-author.
» "Analysis, design and implementation of an information system (Web/database), of graphics and processing tools for centralized provision to the scientific community of ocean environmental data and of marine predator distribution data (discrete observations, model outputs, satellite images)", (IRD), co-author.
» "Implementation of a Web portal dedicated to coffee tree genomics for the pooling of resources ( + of knowledge)", (IRD) - author.
"Analysis and setting up of a training management platform " (Cogitis company), author.
"Analysis and updating model for the Skuld-Tech information system" (Skuld-Tech company), co author.
"Conference management" and "Usenet News bulletin" (DESS), co-author.


Scientific achievements


» Hubau, W., Lewis,S.L., et al. 2020. Nature.
Herault, B., N'Guessan Kanga, A., et al. 2020. Forest Ecology and Management.
» Ploton, P., Mortier, F.,et al. 2020. Scientific Data.
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Claeys, F., Gourlet-Fleury, S., Picard, N., Ouédraogo, D., Tadesse, M., Hérault, B., Baya, F., Bénédet, F., Cornu, G. and Mortier, F. 2019. Environmental Research Letters.
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» Gond V., Cornu G., Viennois G., Betbeder J., Rejou-Mechain M., Fayolle A., Gourlet-Fleury S., Baghdadi N., Barbier N., Mortier F., Bénédet F., Doumenge C. 2016. UNESCO
Gond V., Betbeder J., Fayolle A., Viennois G., Cornu G., Rejou-Mechain M., Baghdadi N., Bénédet F., Doumenge C., Gourlet-Fleury S. 2015.
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» Gauthier, N., Renault, S., Mandon, N., Bénédet, F. 2004. Journal of Insect Physiology.
» Bénédet, F.
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» Bénédet, F.
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» Bénédet, F.
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Memos and reports (a selection)

» Thesis: "Modalités de reconnaissance d'un ravageur, Acrolepiopsis assectella, par son parasitoïde, Diadromus pulchellus: identification et perception d'un signal polypeptidique", (Methods of  Acrolepiopsis assectella pest recognition by its parasitoid Diadromus pulchellus: identification and perception of a polypeptide signal), author.

» "Variation de la sensibilité chimique périphérique chez les Insectes" (Variation in peripheral chemical sensitivity in insects), author.
"Un aspect débattu du rôle des protéines antennaires spécifiques de l'olfaction" (A debated aspect of the role played by antenna proteins specific to olfaction), author.
"Influence de l'hormone juvénile dans la mise en place des structures du lobe antennaire de l'abeille, Apis mellifera" (Influence of the juvenile hormone in establishing  antenna lobe structures in bees, Apis mellifera), author.

Communications orales

» Bénédet, F., Renault, S., Bigot, Y. et Thibout, E., 27th Journée des entomophagistes, Amiens, 9-10 March 1999.
Bénédet, F., Bigot, Y., Renault, S., Pouzat, J. et Thibout, E. IVth international francophone conference on entomology, Saint-Malo, 5-9 July 1998.
Bénédet, F., Fauria, K., Thibout, E., 25th Journée des entomophagistes, Amboise, 30-31 March 1995.
Thiery, D., Gabel, B., Bénédet F., 24th Journée des entomophagistes, Aussois, 7-8 April 1994.

Communications affichées

» Bénédet, F., Leroy, T., Gauthier, N., Biémont, J-C & Thibout, E , 16th Meeting of the International Society of Chemical Ecology – Marseille, November 1999.
Bénédet, F., Pouzat, J. et Thibout, E., Forum of the Ecole Doctorale, Tours, 22 April 1996.
Bénédet, F., Bigot, Y., Pouzat, J. et Thibout, E., 29th SFECA conference, Albi, 19-21 March 1997.
Bénédet, F., Bigot, Y., Pouzat, J. et Thibout, E., 10th Biotechnocentre conference, Seillac II, 6-7 November 1997. 


  I thank Peter Biggins for help in translating my cv


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