Fabienne MICHELI

Publications (Fabienne MICHELI)

Publications dans des revues internationales à comité de lecture1 (le nom des étudiants de Master/Doctorat est souligné)


2020 - Silva EMA, Reis SPM, Argolo CS, Gomes DS, Barbosa CS, Gramacho KP, Ribeiro LF, Silva RJ, Micheli F. Moniliophthora perniciosa development: key genes involved in stress-mediated cell wall organization and autophagy. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 154: 1022–1035 (FI: 3.9)


2020 - Silva RJS, Micheli F. RRGPredictor a text-mining-based tool for predicting pathogen-associated molecular pattern receptors (PRRs) and Resistance (R) proteins. Genomics, 112: 2666-2676 (FI: 3.16) 


2020 - Silva RJS, Alves RM, Gramacho KP, Marcellino LH, Micheli F. Involvement of structurally distinct cupuassu chitinases and osmotin in plant resistance to the fungus Moniliophthora perniciosa. 148: 142-151, PPB (FI: 3.4)


2020 - Santos EC, Pirovani CP, Correa S, Micheli F, Gramacho KP. The pathogen Moniliophthora perniciosa promotes differential proteomic modulation of cacao genotypes with contrasting resistance to witches´ broom disease. BMC Plant Biology, 20: 1 (FI: 3.9)


2019 - Santos MA, Paula MFB, Ollitrault F, Rivallan R, Silva EMA, Gesteira AS, Luro F, Garcia D, Ollitrault P*, Micheli F*. Phylogenetic origin of primary and secondary metabolic pathway genes revealed by C. maxima and C. reticulata diagnostic SNPs. Frontiers in Plant Science, 10:1128. (FI: 4.3).

2019 - Alves AMM, Menezes SP, Lima EM, Gramacho KP, Andrade BS, Ferreira MM, Pirovani CP, Micheli F. The selenium-binding protein of Theobroma cacao: a thermostable protein involved in the witches' broom disease resistance. PPB, 142: 472–481 (FI: 2.718)


2019 - Ferreira MDG, Castro JA, Silva RJS, Micheli F. HVA22 from citrus: a small gene family whose some members are involved in plant response to abiotic stress. PPB, 142: 395-404 (FI: 2.718)


2019 - Dória MS, Guedes MS, Silva EMA, de Oliveira TM, Pirovani CP, Kupper KC, Bastianel M, Micheli F. Comparative proteomics of two citrus varieties in response to infection by the fungus Alternaria alternata. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules,

136:410-423 (FI: 3.9).


2019 - Pamponét VCC, Souza MM, Silva GS, Micheli F, Melo CAF, Oliveira SG, Costa EA, Corrêa RX. Low coverage sequencing for repetitive DNA analysis in Passiflora edulis Sims: citogenomic characterization of transposable elements and satellite DNA. BMC Genomics, 20:262 (FI:3.7).


2019  - Sousa EMR, Argolo CS, Costa MGC, Costa SN, Almeida AAF, Coelho Filho MA, Silva FR, Soares Filho WS, Micheli F, Gesteira AS. Transcriptomic analysis related to the flowering of the citrus hybrid Microcitrangemonia. Online first, Current Plant Biology, DOI:10.1016/j.cpb.2018.12.003

2018 -  Neves DM, Santana-Vieira DDS, Doria MS, Freschi L, Ferreira CF, Soares Filho WS, Costa MGC, Coelho Filho MA, Micheli F, Gesteira A. Recurrent water deficit causes alterations in the profile of redox proteins in citrus plants. PPB, 132: 497–507 (FI: 2.7).

2018 -  Barbosa CS, da Fonseca R, Batista TM, Argolo CS, Barreto M, Amaral DOJ, Silva EMA, Carvalho MR, Pirovani CP, Arevalo E, Solis K, Micheli F, Gramacho KP. Effector mining in draft genomes of Moniliophthora perniciosa and  Moniliophthora  roreri subpopulations. BMC Genomics 19:509 (FI:3.7).


2018  - Neves CG, Amaral DOJ, Paula MFB, Nascimento LS, Costantino G, Passos OS, Santos MA, Ollitrault P, Gesteira AS, Luro F, Micheli F. Characterization of tropical mandarin collection: implications for breeding related to fruit quality. Scientia Horticulturae, 239: 289-299 (FI: 1.62)


2017 - de Azevedo FA, de Andrade Pacheco C, da Cruz Andrade E, Schinor EH, Bastianel M, Cristofani-Yaly M, Marluci da Conceição P, Micheli F and Dhuique-Mayer C. 'Ortanique': A late-maturing tangor (Citrus sinensis × C. reticulata) with high carotenoid content. Fruits, 72: 273-280 (FI: 0.634)


2017 - Almeida DSM, Amaral DOJ, Del Bem LEV, Santos EB, Silva RJS, Gramacho KP, Vincent M, Micheli F. Genome-wide identification and characterization of cacao WRKY transcription factors and analysis of their expression in response to witches’ broom disease. PlosOne 12(10):e0187346


2017 - Neves D, Almeida LA,  Santana-Veira DD,  Freschi L, Ferreira CF, Soares-Filho W, Costa M, Micheli F, Coelho Filho M, Gesteira A. Recurrent water deficit causes epigenetic and hormonal changes in citrus plants. Scientific Reports 7: 13684


2017 - Lemos LSL, Gramacho KP, Pires JL, Santos RM, Ganem RS, Costa MGC, Micheli F. Development of SNP markers present in expressed genes of the plant-pathogen interaction Theobroma cacao - Moniliophthora perniciosa. Agrotrópica, 29:111 – 118 (sans FI).


2017 - Souza JD, Silva EMA, Morillon R, Diego Bonatto, Micheli F, Gesteira AS. Different adaptation strategies of two citrus scion/rootstock combinations in response to drought stress. PlosOne 12(5): e0177993. (FI 3.257)


2017 - Castro JA, Gomes MDF, Silva RJS, Andrade BS, Micheli F. Alternative oxidase (AOX) constitutes a small family of proteins in mandarin (Citrus clementina) and sweet orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osb.). PlosOne 12(5):e0176878 (FI 3.257)


2017 - Almeida DSM, Gramacho KP, Cardoso THS, Micheli F, Alvim FC, Pirovani CP. Cacao phylloplane: the first battlefield against Moniliophthora perniciosa, the causal agent of witches' broom disease. Phytopathology. 107(7): 864-871 (FI: 3.011).


2017 - Silva RA, Souza G, Lemos LSL, Lopes UV, Patrocínio NGRB, Alves RM, Marcellino LH, Clement D, Micheli F, Gramacho KP. Genome size, cytogenetic data and transferability of EST-SSRs markers in wild and cultivated species of the genus Theobroma L. (Byttnerioideae, Malvaceae). PlosOne 12(2):e0170799 (FI: 3.534)


2016 - Santos LF, Silva RJS, Amaral DOJ, Paula MFB, Falcão LL, Legavre T, Alves RM, Marcelino LH*, Micheli F*. Identification of reference genes for expression study in seeds and pulp of Theobroma grandiflorum (Willd. ex Spreng.) Schum. PlosOne 11(8): e0160646 (FI: 3.534)

2016 - Santos LF, Fregapani RM, Falcão LL, Togawa RC, Costa MM, Lopes UV, Gramacho KP, Alves RM, Micheli F*, Marcellino LH*. First microsatellite markers developed from cupuassu ESTs: application in diversity analysis and cross-species transferability to cacao. PlosOne, 11(3):e0151074 (FI: 3.534)

2016 - Gomes DS, Lopes MA, Menezes SP, Ribeiro LF, Dias CV, Andrade BS, Jesus RM, Pires ABL, Goes-Neto A, Micheli F. Mycelial development preceding basidiocarp formation in Moniliophthora perniciosa is associated to chitin, sugar and nutrient metabolism alterations involving autophagy. FGB 86: 33-46 (FI: 3.262)

2015 - Cardoso THS, Freitas ACO, Andrade BS, Sousa AO, Santiago AS, Koop DM, Gramacho KP, Alvim FC, Micheli F, Pirovani CP. TcCYPR04, a cacao papain-like cysteine-protease detected in senescent and necrotic tissues interacts with a cystatin TcCYS4. PlosOne, 10: e0144440 (FI: 3.534)

2014 - Menezes SP, Andrade EM, Lima EM, Sousa AO, Andrade BS, Lemos LSL, Gramacho KP, Gesteira AS, Pirovani CP, Micheli F. The pathogenesis-related protein PR-4b from Theobroma cacao presents RNase activity, Ca2+ and Mg2+ dependant-DNase activity and antifungal action on Moniliophthora perniciosa. BMC Plant Biology, 14:161, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2229-14-161 (FI: 3.9).

2013 - Carvalho HAS, Silva EMA, Santos SC, Micheli F. Polygalacturonases from Moniliophthora perniciosa are regulated by fermentable carbon sources and possible post-translational modifications. Fungal Genetics and Biology, 60:110–121 (FI: 3.26).

2013 - Camillo LR, Filadelfo CR, Monzani PS, Corrêa RX, Gramacho KP, Micheli F, Pirovani CP. Tc-cAPX, a cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase of Theobroma cacao L. engaged in the interaction with Moniliophthora perniciosa, the causing agent of witches' broom disease. PPB, 73 : 254-265 (FI: 2.402).

2013 -  Silva FAC, Pirovani CP, Menezes SP, Pungartnik C, Santiago AS, Costa MGC, Micheli F, Gesteira AS. Identification of differentially expressed proteins in the pathogen Moniliophthora perniciosa after contact with the antifungal protein TcPR-10. GMR, 12: 4855-4868 (FI: 1.083).

2013 - Britto DS, Pirovani CP, Andrade BS, dos Santos TP, Pungartnik C, Cascardo JCM, Micheli F, Gesteira AS. Recombinant β-glucanase from Theobroma cacao impair Moniliophthora perniciosa mycelial growth. Molecular Biology Reports 40 : 5417-5427 (FI: 2.9).

2013 - Carvalho HAS, Ribeiro LF, Pirovani CP, Gramacho KP, Micheli F. Activity of polygalacturonases from Moniliophthora perniciosa depends on fungus culture conditions and is enhanced by Theobroma cacao extracts. PMPP 83: 40-50 (FI : 1.377).


2013 - Santos RMF, Silva SDVM, Sena KF, Micheli F, Gramacho KP. Kinetics and histopathology of the cacao-Ceratocystis cacaofunesta interaction. Tropical Plant Biology, 6: 37-45 (FI: 1.297)

2013 - Andrade BS, Villela-Dias C, Gomes DS, Micheli F, Góes-Neto A. The activity of DNA and RNA polymerases from Moniliophthora perniciosa mitochondrial plasmid may reveals a self-defense mechanism against oxidative stress. GMR, 12: 1944-1950 (FI: 1.083).


2013 - Santos RMF, Clement D, Lemos LSL, Legavre T, Lanaud C, Schnell RJ, Pires JL, Lopes UV, Micheli F*, Gramacho KP*. Identification, characterization and mapping of EST-derived SSRs from cacao-Ceratocystis cacaofunesta interaction. Tree Genetics and Genomes, 9: 177-127 (FI : 2.416).

2012 - Menezes SP, Santos JL, Cardoso THS, Pirovani CP, Micheli F, Noronha FSM, Alves AC, Faria AMC, Gesteira AS. Evaluation of the allergenicity potential of TcPR10 protein from Theobroma cacao. PLoS ONE, 7: e37969, 10.1371/journal.pone.0037969 (FI: 4.411).

2012 - Santos RMF, Lopes UV, Silva SDVM, Micheli F, Clement D, Gramacho KP. Identification of QTLs linked to Ceratocystis wilt resistance in cacao. Molecular Breeding, 4: 1563-1571 (FI: 2.193).


2012 - Hora Junior BT, Poloni JF, Lopes MA, Villela-Dias C, Gramacho KP, Sabau X, Mauro SMZ, Cascardo JCM, Gesteira AS, Bonatto D, Micheli F. Transcriptomics and systems biology analysis in identification of specific pathways involved in cacao resistance and susceptibility to witches’ broom disease. Molecular Biosystems, 8: 1507-1519 (FI : 3.825).

2011 - Villela-Dias C, Mendes JS, dos Santos AC, Pirovani CP, Gesteira AS, Micheli F, Gramacho KP, Hammerstone J, Mazzafera P, Cascardo JCM. Hydrogen peroxide formation in cacao tissues infected by the hemibiotrophic fungus Moniliophthora perniciosa. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 49: 917-922 (FI: 2.402).

2011 - Soares VLF, Rodrigues SM, de Oliveira TM, de Queiroz TO, Lima LS, da Hora Júnior BT, Gramacho KP, Micheli F, Cascardo JCM, Otoni WC, Gesteira AS, Costa MGC. Unraveling new genes associated to seed development and metabolism in Bixa orellana L. by expressed sequence tag (EST) analysis. Molecular Biology Reports, 38: 1329-1340 (FI: 1.875).


2010 - Pirovani CP, Santiago AS, dos Santos LS, Micheli F, Margis R, Gesteira AS, Alvim FC, Pereira GAG, Cascardo JCM. Theobroma cacao cystatins impair Moniliophthora perniciosa mycelial growth and are involved on postponing cell death symptoms. Planta, 232: 1485-97 (FI: 3.098).


2010 - Lopes MA, da Hora Junior BT, Dias CV, dos Santos GC, Gramacho KP, Cascardo JCM, Gesteira AS, Micheli F. Expression analysis of transcription factors from cacao-Moniliophthora perniciosa interaction. Genetics and Molecular Research, 9: 1279-1297 (FI: 1.013).

2010 - Lima LS, Gramacho K, Pires JL, Clément D, Lopes U, Carels N, Gesteira A, Gaiotto F, Cascardo J, Micheli F. Development, characterization, validation and mapping of SSRs derived from Theobroma cacao L.-Moniliophthora perniciosa interaction ESTs. Tree Genetics and Genomes, 6 : 663-676 (FI: 2.416).

2009 - Lima LS, Gramacho K, Carels N, Novais R, Gaiotto F, Lopes U, Gesteira A, Zaidan H, Cascardo J, Pires JL, Micheli F. Single nucleotide polymorphisms from Theobroma cacao expressed sequence tags associated with witches’ broom disease in cacao. Genetics and Molecular Research, 8 : 799-808 (FI: 1.013). 

2009 - Pungartnik C, Silva AC, Melo SA, Gramacho K, Cascardo JCM, Brendel M, Micheli F, Gesteira AS. High-affinity copper transport and Snq2 export permease 1 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae modulate cytotoxicity of PR-10 from Theobroma cacao. Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions, 22: 39-51 (FI: 4.010).

2008 - Lima LS, Gramacho KP, Gesteira AS, Lopes UV, Gaiotto FA, Zaidan HA, Pires JL, Cascardo JCM, Micheli F. Characterization of microsatellites from cacao-Moniliophthora perniciosa interaction expressed sequence tags. Molecular Breeding, 22: 315-318 (FI: 2.193).

2008 - Pirovani CP, Carvalho HAS, Machado R, Gomes DS, Alvim FC, Pomella AWV, Gramacho K, Cascardo JCM, Pereira G, Micheli F. Protein extraction for proteome analysis from cacao leaves and meristems, organs infected by Moniliophthora perniciosa, the causal agent of the witches’ broom disease. Electrophoresis, 29: 2391-2401 (FI: 3,569).

2008 - Siedlecka A, Wiklund S, Peronne A-M, Micheli F, Les’niewska J, Sethson I, Edlund U, Richard L, Sundberg B, Mellerowicz E. Pectin methyl esterase inhibits intrusive and symplastic cell growth in developing wood cells of Populus. Plant Physiology, 146: 554-565 (FI: 6.451).

2008 - Lopes MA, Gomes DS, Koblitz MGB, Pirovani CP, Cascardo JCM, Góes-Neto A, Micheli F. Use of response surface methodology to examine chitinase regulation in the basidiomycete Moniliophthora perniciosa. Mycological Research, 112: 399-406 (FI: 2.259).

2007 - Ceita GO, Macêdo JNA, Santos TB, Alemanno L, Gesteira AS, Micheli F, Mariano AC, Gramacho KP, Silva DC, Meinhardt L, Mazzafera P, Pereira GAG, Cascardo JCM. Involvement of calcium oxalate degradation during programmed cell death in Theobroma cacao tissues triggered by the hemibiotrophic fungus Moniliophthora perniciosa. Plant Science, 173:106-117. (FI: 2.481)

2007 - Gesteira A*, Micheli F*, Carels N, Silva AC, Gramacho KP, Schuster I, Macedo JN, Pereira GAG, Cascardo JCM. Comparative analysis of expressed genes from cacao meristems infected by Moniliophthora perniciosa. Annals of Botany, 100 :129-140. (FI: 3.388) 

2007 - Garcia O, Macêdo J, Tiburcio R, Zapparoli G, Rincones J, Bittencourt L, Ceita G, Micheli F, Gesteira A, Mariano A, Schiavinato M, Medrano FJ, Meinhardt L, Pereira G, Cascardo J. Characterization of necrosis and ethylene inducing proteins (NEP) in the hemibiotrophic basidiomycete Moniliophthora perniciosa the causal agent of the witches’ broom in Theobroma cacao. Mycological Research, 111:443-455. (FI: 2.259) 

2007 - Godiard L*,Niebel A*, Micheli F, Gouzy J, Ott T, Gamas P. Identification of new potential regulators of the Medicago truncatula-Sinorhizobium meliloti symbiosis using a large scale Suppression Subtractive Hybridization approach. Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions, 20: 321-332. (FI: 4.010) 

2003 - Gesteira A, Micheli F, Ferreira CF, Cascardo J. Isolation and purification of functional total RNA from different organs of cocoa tree during its interaction with the pathogen Crinipellis perniciosa. BioTechniques, 35: 494-500. (FI: 2.550) 

2002 - Journet E-P, van Tuinen D, Gouzy J, Crespeau H, Carreau V, Farmer M-J, Niebel A, Schiex T, Jaillon O, Chatagnier O, Godiard L, Micheli F, Kahn D, Gianinazzi-Pearson V, Gamas P. Exploring root symbiotic programs in the model legume Medicago truncatula using EST analysis. Nucleic Acids Research, 30: 5579-5592. (FI: 7.836) 

2001 - Micheli F. Pectin methylesterases : cell wall enzymes with important roles in plant physiology. Trends in Plant Science, 6 : 414-419. (FI: 10.095) 

2000 - Micheli F, Sundberg B, Goldberg R, Richard L. Radial distribution pattern of pectin methylesterases across the cambial region of hybrid aspen at activity and dormancy. Plant Physiology,124: 191-199. (FI: 6.451) 

1998 - Micheli F, Holliger C, Goldberg R, Richard L. Characterisation of the pectin methylesterase-like gene AtPME3: a new member of a gene family comprising at least twelve genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. Gene, 220: 13-20. (FI: 2.266)


Publications dans des revues internationales sans comité de lecture:

2004 - Gesteira A, Micheli F, Gramacho K, Alvim F, Pirovani C, Pires A, Mariano A, Carels N, Pires J-L, Vincentz M, Pereira G and Cascardo J. Understanding the Theobroma cacao-Crinipellis perniciosa interaction using ESTs and proteomic analyses. Ingenic Newsletter, 9: 27-32.


Articles dans des ouvrages: 

2010 -  Micheli F, Guiltinan M, Gramacho KP, Wilkinson MJ, Figueira A, Cascardo JCM, Maximova S, Lanaud C. Functional genomics of cacao. Advances in Botanical Research, 55: 119-177 (IF: 2.319).

2002 -  Micheli F, Ermel FF, Bordenave M, Richard L and Goldberg R. Cell walls of woody tissues: cytochemical, biochemical and molecular analysis of pectins and pectin methylesterases. In: Wood formation in trees: developmental cell biology techniques, Ed. NJ Chaffey, Harwood Academic Publishers. pp 179-200.

2000 - Micheli F, Bordenave M and Richard L. Pectin methylesterases: possible markers for cambial derivative differentiation? In: Cambium: the biology of wood formation, Eds Savidge, Barnett and Napier, Bios scientific publishers. pp 295-304. 

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