Elodie Valette




41 years old


Date of birth : November 19th 1975

Nationality : french

Spoken languages : French (Mother Tongue), English : good writing and speaking







CIRAD (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development).

TA C-113/15

34398 Montpellier Cedex 5 


Tel : +33 4 67 61 44 11

Mail :


Research areas


Urban agriculture and land issues

       Assessment of land-use changes in peri-urban areas in North and West Africa

       Analysis of farmers’ strategies focusing on land-use decisions and contribution to land governance

       Public policies analysis (housing, agriculture, land) and the evaluation of their impact on urban agriculture, and specifically on land use and land tenure


Territorial development and governance    



Academic positions


• 2016- : Senior Research Scientist, Environment and Society Department of CIRAD (Agricultural Research for Development), UMR ART-DEV, Montpellier, France.

2014-2016 : Senior Visiting fellow, International Food Policy Institute (IFPRI), Washington D.C., USA

• Since 2007: Research Scientist, Environment and Society Department of CIRAD (Agricultural Research for Development), UMR TETIS – Mixed Research unit (Territories, Environment, Remote sensing and Spatial Information), Montpellier, France.

• Since 2010: Leader of the TETIS UsIG research group (Use of spatial information and governance)

• 2008-2012: Co-leader of the Research Master course Innovation in rural and periurban areas (Montpellier 3 University, Montpellier Supagro, IAMM).

2004-2006: Postdoctoral fellow, ADES Mixed Research Unit, CNRS / Bordeaux 3 University

• 2000-2002: Teaching and Research Assistant, Bordeaux 3 University


Recent research programs


• 2010-2015: Co-leader of the research program DAUME (French National Research Agency  – 2010-2014) Sustainability of Mediterranean urban agricultures

• 2009-2012: WP2 leader for the SERENA research project, Environmental services and uses of rural areas ». French National Research Agency.

• 2008-2011: WP2 leader for the INTERSAMA research project, Territorial integration of rural livelihoods systems». PSDR research fund.




• 2003:           PhD in Geography, Paris 7 University, with distinction

Dissertion : Pour une approche géographique de l’innovation sociale. L’exemple des territoires ruraux périurbains de la garrigue nord-montpelliéraine (Towards a geographical approach of social innovation. The example of peri-urban rural areas North of Montpellier).

• 1998:          Master degree in Geography and Land Planning, Montpellier University, 1998, with distinction


Fellowships and awards


• 2004-2005:   Aquitaine Region post-doctoral fellowship

• 2000:            MOST-UNESCO/ IRMC project, Young Scholars seminar, Tunisia.


Selected recent publications


Soulard C-T., Valette E., Perrin C., Abrantes P., Anthopoulou T., Benjaballah O., Dugué P., El Amrani M., Lardon S., Marraccini E., Mousselin G., Napoleone C., Paoli JC , 2017, Agroecosystems in the Mediterranean urban areas: diversity, dynamics and drivers. Regional Development Change.

Debolini M., Valette E., François M., Chéry J.P. 2015. Mapping land use competition in the rural urban fringe and future perspectives on land policies: A case study of Meknès (Morocco). Land Use Policy, 47 : p. 373-381.

Valette E., Dugué P., Duval A., Abdellaoui E.H., 2017, L’urbanisation : manne pour les agriculteurs propriétaires en périphérie des villes et facteur d’exclusion de l’agriculture familiale. Le cas de la ville de Meknès (Maroc), Vertigo, accepté.

Soulard C-T., Perrin C., Valette E. (dir.), 2017, Toward sustainable agricultural-urban systems: innovation, regulation, integration, Springer, à paraître.

Caron P., Valette E., Wassenaar T., Coppens G., Papazian, V. (ed.) 2017, Living territories can change the world,  Springer, à paraître.




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