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View picture album about various aspects of the oil palm: fields, oil extraction, breeding, genetic diversity, pests and diseases, etc.




Factors controling the efficiency of genomic selection in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) - PhD defense, Dec. 11th 2014, Montpellier [in french] (talk and powerpoint slides)


(download only powerpoint here)


Powerpoints, reports and animations:

Within-family genomic selection increases genetic gain for rubber production in Hevea brasiliensis (.ppsx)

David CROS, Luther MBO-NKOULOU, Joseph Martin BELL, Jean OUM, Aurélien MASSON, Mouman SOUMAHORO, Tran Dinh MINH, Zeineb ACHOUR, Vincent LE GUEN, André CLEMENT-DEMANGE

AnimAgap CIRAD, Montpellier – 8 mars 2018


PhD dissertation (pdf):

Cros D., 2014. Etude des facteurs contrôlant l’efficacité de la sélection génomique chez le palmier à huile (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) [Thèse de Doctorat], Montpellier SupAgro, 124-[147] p.



Oil palm breeding - 126 slides: palm oil market, the oil palm, oil palm breeding (RRS, interspecific breeding, genomic selection)

Powerpoint used for the master "plant breeding" of Beauvais Lasalle in 2015 (similar to the presentation given at Université Montpellier 2 in September 2014 to the Master 2 BFP / BPT)


Download powerpoint of the presentation given at the international colloquium organised by the International Society for Oil Palm Breeders (ISOPB) in Bali in June 2014: Practical aspects of genomic selection in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis)

[english, 66 slides]


Download powerpoint about genomic selection [english, 59 slides]

(support du cours donné en 2014 au Bénin [Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques])

Download executable file about reciprocal recurrent selection in oil palm [french]  (.exe)

Download powerpoint about oil palm breeding [english / french]

Sommaire :

  • Palm oil market
  • The oil palm
  • Oil palm breeding: introduction, reciprocal recurrent selection, interspecific breeding
(version améliorée du support du cours donné en 2014 au Bénin [Faculté des Sciences Agronomiques] - 109 diapo)

Download powerpoint about oil palm controversies (Presented in Cotonou in 2009) [french]

Sommaire :

  • Déforestation
  • Santé
  • Biodiesel
Download a 6 questions quizz about oil palm (click on answers to go to next question) (.exe) [french]




Reciprocal recurrent selection in oil palm [french] (.pdf)

  Oil palm seed production [french] (.pdf)

 ICQG Conference 2012 (Edinburgh)

Pedigree reconstruction for breeding populations of plant species using simulated annealing (MOLCOANC software version 3) [english] (.pdf)


 IOPC Conference 2014 (Bali)

 Comparing strategies of genomic selection to increase oil palm fresh fruit bunch yield [english] (.pdf)



The software MOLCOANC (version 3) and its manual can be downloaded from the webpage of Jesús Fernández (INIA, Madrid), in the "software" section.

MOLCOANC reconstructs pedigrees from molecular data of contemporaneous individuals using a simulated annealing algorithm. It involves explicit reconstruction of genealogies. This approach does not require knowledge of the allelic frequencies and does not assume Hardy-Weinberg or linkage equilibrium.

MOLCOANC implements the algorithm by Fernández & Toro (Molecular Ecology 2006. 15: 1657-1667) and the modifications by Cros & al (2014), which make it suitable for plant species and more flexible.



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