Bruno Herault



Terri4Sol, Preservation and restoration of organic carbon stocks by taking into account the multifunctionality of the territories combining agricultural, forestry and post-forestry dimensions

FFEM 1500K€, 2021-2025, Webpage 

Cocoa4Future, Sustainability of production systems and new dynamics in the cocoa sector

Desira UE program, 5000K€, 2020-2025, Webpage


ForestInnov, Promoting mixed plantations of local species to enhance forest ecosystem services in West Africa

Firca-FCIAD 291K, 2019-2020, Webpage 

GFclim, Adapting forest management to climate change in the Guiana Shield

European Structural Funds 920K, 2016-2018, Webpage

Metist, Modelling tropical diversity and forest functioning in space and time

Labex CEBA 250K€, 2016-2018, Webpage 

C Observatory, Drawing the Carbon Balance of human activities in French Guiana

European Structural Funds 450K, 2012-2016, Webpage

Climfor, Monitoring climate change impacts in tropical forests of the Guiana Shield

Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité 250K, 2011-2015, Webpage

Guyasim, Building a land-use change simulator to inform policy making

European Structural Funds 450K, 2011-2015, Webpage

Couac, Impacts of precolumbian population on the composition and structure of Guianan forests

CNRS Amazonie 100K, 2007-2010


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