Previous professional experience

- Leader of a Bioinformatics team with 6 permanent staffs (biostatistics, database development and interoperability, comparative bioanalyses).

- In charge of  support activities in terms of genetic data analyses for the unit (genetic mapping, QTL detection, association studies) on various crops (cotton, sugarcane, banana, cocoa, oil palm, etc.),

- Research activity:  Linkage disequilibrium in rice. Association studies between candidate gene polymorphism and phenotypes for drought tolerance and quality traits in rice and sorghum. Integration of genetic data and data mining in rice.


- Breeding upland rice varieties for South and South-East Asia

+ Upland rice varieties registered in the rice catalogue of the Philippines: Arayat, Apo (in collaboration with M. Arraudeau)

+ Upland rice variety registered in the Indian catalogue: IR74371-70-1-1 (in collaboration with G. Atlin and A. Kumar)

+ Many rice upland rice lines developed in my program and used as parent in crosses by partner institutions in Asia

 - Genetic analyses of drought resistance using molecular markers (root traits, osmotic adjustment) and marker-aided selection for these traits.

- Methodological improvement of upland rice breeding (genotype x environment interactions; participatory plant breeding).

- Coordination of the genetic and breeding activities of the Upland Rice Research Consortium (India, Indonesia, Philippines Thailand, Lao PDR, Vietnam, China, Brazil)


- Maintenance of Cirad rice genetic resources.

- Breeding upland rice varieties for French Guyana (shuttle program).

- Production of rice doubled haploid lines by anther culture for French Camargue and West Africa

 + Doubled haploid lines registered to the rice French catalogue: Carinam, Aychade, Ruille, Gallice (in collaboration with G. Clément)

+ Doubled haploid lines registered to the rice Côte d'Ivoire catalogue: ISDA95, IDSA96 (in collaboration with C. Poisson)

 - Methodological improvement of the anther culture technique.

- Assessment of the value of doubled haploid lines for rice breeding programs.


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