Anthony Benoist

Last update: 09/2015

Main publications

Bessou C, Basset-Mens C, Benoist A, Biard Y, Burte J, Feschet P, Payen S, Tran T, Perret S, 2015. L'analyse de cycle de vie pour élucider les liens entre agriculture et changement climatique. In: Changement climatique et agricultures du monde [Torquebiau E (eds)]. Editions Quae. Direct link to book order [French]

González-García S, Dias AC, Clermidy S, Benoist A, Bellon Maurel V, Gasol CM, Gabarrell X, Arroja L, 2014. Comparative environmental and energy profiles of potential bioenergy production chains in Southern Europe. J Clean Prod 76: 42-54. Direct link to article

Rousset P, Fernandes K, Vale A, Macedo L, Benoist A, 2013. Change in particle size distribution of torrefied biomass during cold fluidization. Energy 51(1): 71-77. Direct link to article

Bessou C, Basset-Mens C, Tran T, Benoist A, 2013. LCA applied to perennial cropping systems: a review focused on the farm stage. Int J LCA 18(2): 340-361. Direct link to article

Benoist A, Teulon H, 2012. ACV : analyse du berceau à la tombe. In: Cycles de vie des systèmes énergétiques [Adnot J, Marchio D, Rivière P (eds.)]. Presses des Mines, Paris, France. Direct link to book order [French]

Benoist A, Van de steene L, Broust F, Helias A, 2012. Enjeux environnementaux du développement des biocarburants liquides pour le transport. Sciences Eaux & Territoires (7): 66-73. Direct link to article [French] 

Benoist A, Dron D, Zoughaib A, 2012. Origins of the debate on the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption of first-generation biofuels - A sensitivity analysis approach. Biomass Bioenerg 40: 133-142. Direct link to article

Dron D, Benoist A, Petit P, 2010. Aménités des territoires à l'horizon 2025 dans le Nord-pas de Calais. Région Nord-Pas de Calais, Note D2DPE n° 39. 18 pp. Direct link to publication [French]

Benoist A, 2009. Adapting Life-Cycle Assessment to biofuels: some elements from the first generation case. PhD thesis. MINES ParisTech, Paris, France. 232 pp. Direct link to PhD thesis [French]

Rabl A, Benoist A, Dron D, Peuportier B, Spadaro JV, Zoughaib A, 2007. How to account for CO2 emissions from biomass in an LCA. Int J LCA 12(5): 281. Direct link to article

Main oral communications

Biard Y, Basset-Mens C, Bessou C, Tran T, Benoist A, 2015. Developing a Quality Management System for LCA data sets - The case of the LCA-CIRAD platform for tropical products. 7th International Conference on Life Cycle Management. Bordeaux, France.

Dupont C, Gratelau M, Rodriguez E, Thiery S, Valette A, Volle G, Commandré JM, Benoist A, Le Thanh K, Pecquet R, Destrac P, Condoret JS, Couderc V, Detcheberry M, Gourdon C, Meyer M, Meyer X, Riboul D, 2015. The Inverto Project: An Innovative Recovery of Torrefaction Condensable Co-Products as Green Chemicals. 23rd European Biomass Conference & Exhibition. Vienna, Austria.

Oliveira Rodrigues T, Benoist A, Caldeira Pires A, Rousset P, 2013. LCA of logs extracted by forest management in Amazonian rainforests.  5ta Conferencia Internacional sobre Analisis de Ciclo de Vida. Mendoza, Argentina.

Benoist A, Meneghel Fonseca L, Pirot R, 2011. Application of environmental life cycle assessment in West Africa : Case study on straight Jatropha oil combustion for electricity generation in Mali. 3rd International Conference on Biofuels in Africa. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. 

Basset-Mens C, Benoist A, Bessou C, Tran T, Perret S, Vayssières J, Wassenaar T, 2010. Is LCA-based eco-labelling reasonable? The issue of tropical food products. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment in the Agri-Food sector, Vol. 1, pp 461-466. Bari, Italia. Direct link to presentation, Direct link to article

Benoist A, Dron D, 2009. Integrating GHG dynamics in biomass-based products LCA. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Life Cycle Management. Cape Town, South Africa.

Benoist A, Dron D, Zoughaib A, 2008. A relevant LCA methodology adapted to biomass-based products. Proceedings of the 8th European IFSA symposium, p 659-666.Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Main visual communications

Piednoir B, Commandré JM, Benoist A, Vaitilingom G, 2015. Innovative Solutions for the Combustion of Unsuitable Biomass Resources by Mixing. 23rd European Biomass Conference & Exhibition. Vienna, Austria. 

Benoist A, Rodrigues Colossi B, Pinta F, Volle G, 2011. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of traditional charcoal production in Madagascar. EcoTech & Tools, Environmental and Integrated Assessment of Complex Systems. Montpellier, France. Direct link to poster

Benoist A, Dron D, Zoughaib A, 2008. LCA of biofuels and policy-making: how to improve LCA accuracy in a limited time context. 16th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition. Valencia, Spain.

Benoist A, Dron D, 2007. Towards a dynamic LCA for a relevant sustainability analysis. Visual communication. 3rd International Conference on Life Cycle Management. Zürich, Switzerland.


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