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Reserch Unit Recycling and risk 



	Angel Avadí
	Unité de recherche Recyclage et risque
	Bâtiment 01 - Bureau 128
	Avenue Agropolis, TA B-78/01, 
	34398 Montpellier cédex 5, France +33 4 67 61 59 67 

Main roles:


Obtained an engineering degree on computer systems, from an Ecuadorian university (2002), a few years later, a master degree on e-Business Management from the International University of Japan (2005), and later another master degree in International Cooperation Policy from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (2009). In combination with the latter, and in the context of a dual master programme, obtained a MEng. in International Material Flow Management from the University of Applied Sciences Trier, in Germany (2010). During his last master and working years in Germany (2008-2011), was involved in projects on the subjects of greenhouse gas accounting, municipal solid waste management, sewage sludge management, and sustainability assessment of fisheries, aquaculture, food processing and agricultural systems. Previously worked several years in Ecuador as an IT practitioner and one year as university lecturer. In 2014 completed a PhD in exploited ecosystems at the University of Montpellier 2, where he studied the sustainability of Peruvian reduction fisheries and several associated supply chains (thesis). Immediately after, and until September 2015, engaged in postdoctoral research at UMR SAS, working for the European research project CANTOGETHER (, studying the environmental performance of mixed agriculture and animal husbandry farms and regions. Currently he is a researcher at CIRAD UPR Recyclage et risque, where his work focuses on the sustainability assessment of strategies for recycling of organic waste. He collaborates with the MEANS platform (multicriteria assessment of sustainability) ( 


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